It takes more than a glance to truly see past the surface of the artists’ creation.

To discover the gold nuggets that lay hidden within the heart, you must look more than once.

There is something that surpasses the warmth in a crackling fire, the security of a mother’s love and the wonder etched on a child’s face. There is a stirring in the air that says there is something more than meets the eye.

Allow yourself to cling to a higher purpose and realm. Through the artist’s revelation and discovery, see that the light shines for you, that countless eyes look on, waiting in expectation and wonder ready to announce your arrival into a realm built on faith and love.

Pamla LaDon Kommer-Klenczar’s art will take you past old mindsets and dare to look twice into deeper truths that have the ability and power to change destinies.


written by my friend, Lora Bosler-Espino

It has been said about me that I have never met a color that I did not like. This is true! I still work in black and white but exploding color is so powerful and evokes a whole other mood. It can be joy or peace but it will always leave you changed and challenged.




& Larry


Not long ago, and not far away, there was a lovely young artist, by the name of Pamla. She was of quiet sorts with a pleasant manner, that always reflected in her work. Pamla loved her art and most of all she loved creating, so each night Pamla would sit down to work with her pens and ink and she would usually fall asleep with drawing board in lap and pen in hand.

Now for everyone who didn’t know, at night-time after all the humans go to sleep, certain little animals come out to play… And now knowing this I’ll tell you about a quaint little group of animals who love mischief and games. This little posse consisted of a couple of cats, a few mice, and an occasional bird. One night at some point in their adventure they made their way into Pamla’s home running here and there, playing this game and that game enjoying themselves to the fullest. Suddenly, one of the mice, the one with glasses, suggested that they play hide and go seek.  Everyone was enthused with this idea because Hide and GO Seek was their favorite game. A cat was chosen to be the seeker and the rest scurried off to hide. The mouse with glasses ran off to hide near Pamla, and as he dashed across her lap, he somehow fell into her picture. One of the birds noticed what had happened to the mouse, so he stopped the game and called everyone over to Pamla’s picture and told them what he had seen. As they looked into the picture they saw the mouse, he yelled out, come on in we could have a really great game of Hide and Go Seek in here.  So one by one each animal jumped in. They played gloriously all through the night, as morning came on, one of the cats started wondering if they should go back. So through long thought and reasoning, they decided to make this their new home and play their games there.

So that is how it was.

When Pamla woke up, she looked down at her picture to notice little animals hiding there in her art. She was a bit baffled but decided she liked them there. So from then on little animals could be found in her pictures playing

Hide and Go Seek.

Christina M. Kommer

April 3, 1991

Pamla LaDon Kommer-Klenczar

I live in the Boston Mountain Range of the Ozarks, on the side of a mountain in the middle of a forest, with 1 large dog, an elderly cat who is constantly plotting a take-over and 1 husband.  All of whom require a lot of attention… giggles.

We own and operate a vacation cabin rental which keeps us busy and we get to meet a lot of people from all over. You should check us out and come enjoy the peace and renewing of your soul.

I plant a vegetable garden every year plus little by little carve out some gardens and landscaping from the forest. However, my passion is painting! I love to paint with my pens, pencils, and brushes from the photorealistic to the surreal!

I used to do a lot of street fairs and shows every year, but after having moved to such a secluded area I now only involve myself with local shows and tours.

On Tuesdays, I paint with a great group of people called the Art and Soul Club and we have a great time. Everyone helps and encourages each other, sometimes we tease, sometimes we vent and sometimes we encourage, but we always paint!  We hope you will like us on Facebook and watch for our private events.




Contact me at:

870-861-5853   or

You can also find my work at:

Nelms Gallery

107 Church Street, off the square

Jasper, Arkansas



Leatherwood House


or by contacting me directly.

Prices are the same at galleries as by direct sales.


I became acquainted with Pam Klenczar in 2007 as a cabin rental guest.  On our initial visit, I was blown away by all her original paintings that are displayed throughout the cabin.  Fast forward 14 years, I have acquired several of her works for myself, friends, and family.  My house and office are dominated by her art and an ongoing topic of discussion for those who see them for the first time.  It is really difficult to pick out a favorite because I love them all, but the “Bride of Christ” hangs proudly in my front living room.  The intricate attention to detail is eye-catching when viewed from a distance, but when the up-close observation is taken – the admiration of this work exponentially increases.  What looks like a floral design at distance is revealed to be people which in my opinion represents humanity.  I don’t know if George Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” was her motivation, but that’s where it takes me.  I am proud to have this work as part of my collection.  If you love art and have the wall space, I enthusiastically recommend adding this particular work to your collection.

Tommy Martin

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